Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Monday, May 26, 2014

Noggin scratching and finger crossing

End of a Dirt Road - Josh Abbott Band
Everything I love is a dirt road. At the end I just hope there is more dirt 

 I´ve once again ran out of land from riding in a continuous direction. I have a feeling this is going to be a recurring thing.

All photos-compliments of the Internet

Here is a little catch up-
Turning around from the bottom of Tierra del Fuego- I rode and hitched my way back North. I hitched most the way, this saved me a soul grinding ride into a fierce headwind across pancake flat grass lands.

My notes for getting to Buenos Aries from Ushuaia:
Rode Ushuaia to Tolhuin-
Rode north of Tolhuin-
Caught a tow truck to San Sebastián-
Rode to Onasin junction-
Caught work truck 20 km north-
Rode to the border Chile-
Caught small truck to Rio Gallegos-
Caught another small truck to Piedra Bueno-
Caught another tow truck. Tow truck broke down-
Rode to Fitz Roy-
Flat bed truck to Celema Olivia-
Dump truck to comodoro-
Fast small truck 80km to middle if nowhere-
Rode 20km-
Semi truck picked me up on road. A lift to Puerto Madryn-
Rode out in morning-
Hitched on road and got picked up by small van going all the way to Buenos Aries.

So here I am.  Not only in Buenos Aries but at the next hurdle. A crossroads, a glitch in the gallop. A bit of a fence in my tumbleweed lifestyle. This is no fence of wire and posts. It is sometimes referred to as the Atlantic ocean. To go East I got to get across it. Flying would be the easy solution. I don't really wanna do that. I'd like to go around the earth, on the earth. The true over land and water experience. Unfortunately stowing away is no longer a real option. Davie is a bit clumsy for that anyhow.

Right now it feels like we are trying to rock climb with oven mitts on. Possible but not an easy task.

  A tad different than standing around, flagging down trucks on a highway- I'm trying to catch a sailboat across the Atlantic.  If anyone should read this and has any info or leads for me? I would be ever so stoked. (I'm doing the basics: Dock walking and Internet crawling. I haven't hung up fliers at the marinas yet
 though)  Its gonna take some serious luck. As cyclist we depend on ourselves. We make it happen to get ourselves places. Self-reliant and goin when and where we wanna go! One of the many reasons I'm not a backpack carrying, thumb waver any more... Not all the time anyways.
Bora-Bora Boy Hitchhiker, Child Hitchhiking Series

I said I didn't really wanna fly but I would consider this option.

       Though this brings us to my next obstacle. I need to make some travel loot. Some road cabbage. Some bread for bread. It is sadly the real fuel for this engine and the tank is almost on E.

Never before have I so savagely scrounged around in the spaghetti jar (meaning my head) for a- get cash fast plan. I got a job in a bike shop, but Argentinian currency being what it is, I'm making about 3 bucks an hour. Not exactly pulling on the rhinestone coat over night. As buckling down and working is my usual M.O.
 The kicker this time is the loaded dice of how much I just wanna keep riding. That's all that comes up- Keep this dream rolling and carry on with this fat tire world tour!

I'll keep you posted as things progress  


  1. Can't think of anything moral or legal to make a fast pile of money, but good luck man. I'm sure you'll find someway to keep rolling. Maybe sign a book deal and have a wealthy publisher finance the rest of the trip? That should be easy, right?

    1. Thanx Montana, unfortunatly moral and legal fall under my conscious's stipulations. Damn it. No wealth publishers lineing up to publish a book of gibberish.

  2. Hey, long time reader of the blog here.
    My father loves sailing and everything which floats and has no motor on it. I asked him if he knew anyone planning a trip across the atlantic and sadly said no :(

    However he says that it's extremely rare for someone to make the trip from Argentina. Usually, because of currents and winds, people will travel from the Caribbean or some parts of Brazil.

    Thought you should know this...

    Good luck :)

    1. Thanx Nin, Glad you read the blog and thanx fer asking yer pops for me! Thats also what I have found in this last bit of searching around. We all start somewhere, huh?

  3. Yeah. You should ride to Brazil! Plus you might make more than a few dollars of un-exchangeable currency per hour in a bike shop.

    1. I´m gonna go a little farther north, lamentably by plane. Though Advantageously to a higher paying bike shop and a stronger world currency.

  4. I second Nin. Nobody much sails from Argentina to Africa, as far as I know. You'd best get to Rio - and even that is not a very common crossing.

    I'm thinking some sort of similar thoughts to you. I want to go to Africa. I want to go by boat. But I'm thinking that I might end up doing a complete circumnavigation to get there. That is... get myself to Venezuela, through the Panama Canal, across the Pacific, dropping in maybe on Australia, my erstwhile home, and then to Cape Hope... or something like that. It's kind of round about but it might just happen. But then again something else might, too.

    On money... there's a lot more of it in Brazil than in Argentina, I think.

    Good luck. Tails winds. Happy crossings.

    1. Anna, that sounds- round about and amazing. I wish you the best of luck with it all!

  5. hi Kurt, where are you? We met years ago on the great divide, hope all is well, Karin and Marten from the Netherlands