Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The great Nicaraguan pedal fest.

Picture you self as a rock. Now pitch yourself at a bees nest. Thats how I felt at the Honduras/ Nicaraguan border. Swarmed by money changers, taxi drivers, truckers, cops, border agents, beggers, beggers helpers, donkeys and children. I had my passport checked, rechecked and then checked again before zooming down into this new country. It nice to turn leaves and reset the where-abouts in that grander kind of scale.Like Limperas to Cordobas and many new brands of coffee. There so far are alot more smiles and waves that make the day for a passing cyclist. Even the guy who slowed to tow me up a long grade on his motorcycle, is surely helping to warm my heart to Nicaragua. I´m bound for the west side and the string of vocanos out there. I think there is gonna be some surfing in my near future as well.  

Monday, April 25, 2011

Leg disembowelment

I've cut a nice trail away from the Carribean coast. Dusty, washboard Moutain roads, seems like all of honduras is on fire. Something of a controlled burn that is not to controlled. The smoke burns the lungs and cast a haze over the sun making it a red orb in the sky.  I'm certainly not used to riding my old pace. I have either been laying soft on the pedals or checking over my shoulder every few minutes for the last 9 months. No that it was a bad thing to slow down a bit and enjoy things from a moderated pace. The company was good too. It just came as a bit of a shock to the legs at the speed and distance my mind wanted to ride. I guess I'm also trying to put Honduras behind me, my least favorite country pretty much of all time.
  I'm in the pueblo of Talanga and should be crossing into Nicaragua tomorrow.
   I gotta get a new camera cord before I can post any pictures but I'll try and keep the reports a bit less sporatic these days. Time fer lunch and a some pedaling! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

As the irrelative weight of rolling stones and sheer magnitude of tumble weeds we find ourselves riding in the lee of repercussions.

   With the ease of putting on a poncho backwards and or whacking a mad slice at our first attempt at high velocity mini-golf, some changes come easy. Others leave lumps in the throat and are tough to scratch with sandpaper.
   This is the part where I admit that Kelly has gone back to New Jersey. The loss of her brother and the strain of this ever shifting and difficult way of living had taken its toll. She is the toughest female I have ever know but some things just get the better of the best. She is gonna take a time out, convalesce and we'll see her out and plowing the fields of the unknown again at a later time. She is all the stronger and intellegent in my mind for knowing when to call it. She is never one to think of herself and always trying to please others, but in this case, Kelly needs Kelly time. Samu and I will miss her everyday.

   So the change of agenda for me is to not  to plunk into the swamps and rainforrests of the Moskitia. Instead I'm gonna stomp some pedals over dusty highlands towards Nicaragua and the Pacific coast. Eat, sleep, ride. Just what I love to do!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One bend, a fart and a fish

We are plowing along nicely through the montains of  Hondurus. The roads have been rocky and steep but we have been loving i!. It a nice break to be up higher in some dry, pine forrest. Though soon we will be plunging and bumping back to the swelter of the Carribean.
  A cyclist by the name of Zack, came and went. We shared a few good days and some rugged terrain together but he has gone off  to persue other, less english spoken roads . We are now also pedaling with Anna Wishfish. She has been riding since Alaska and is quite a hearty Austrailian, old enough to be Kelly´s mom.
  I´ll get some pics up on this beast in Trullio.   

Monday, April 4, 2011

We need no stinking badges!

Ok er... ya well I once again am opting out of typing. Cuz that takes an attention span and mine dosen´t exactly span to far. We´re now running a in parade of 4 and bound for the Honduran Moskita coast. We´ve heard tale of some fantasticy long single track action out there, so were gonna see about running it down!
    I swear at some point I´ll sit down and catch up on the recent tales. Though for now if it involves any kind of work, that will be in the saddle of my bike.