Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Impedimenta [im-ped-uh-men-tuh]: 1. the baggage and equipment carried by an army 2. any objects or circumstances that impede progress

I've run some 18,000 km since the set up change in Lapaz.
The old set up. photo by Cass

The new way of doing business
I can honestly say, the new way we go about devouring nachos has nothing to do with this post. Though, this new pannierless"lite-fat" configuration rules!  There may be other times when more capacity is needed but for now it hauls the beets to market just fine.

Here is a bit of what I carry around with me.
A kit list.
My worldly goods.
The things for which I do battle with the elements.
Stuff I schlep around that I feel is somewhat necessary for survival.
Matter that makes me feel less naked in the world.
In life, I like being a sandwich. Without these things I would just be bread.

Handlebar bag: sleeping bag (big Agnes horse thief) puffy jacket, thermal leggings, light fleece
Handlebar bag front pocket: smart phone, documents, sewing kit, tea tree oil, small note pad, coffee filter
Front pocket's pocket: tooth brush& paste, spoon, lighter, writing pen, small ceramic peanut

Map case: maps & compass

Top tube bag: iPod & headphones, cord & plug, plug adapter, mini tri-pod, head lamp, extra batteries, mini Philips screwdriver

Frame bag: titanium cook pot (random food bits, spices and stove wind screen stored in pot) Boris the plastic coffee cup, rain jacket, long finger gloves, chain oil & rag, small parts brush, cord, rear flasher, bag of random spare parts (der. Pulleys, tire boots, power link & bit of chain, BB bearings, 1 gear cable, 1 brake cable) small bottle of tire sealant, pumpless sawyer water filter, 2liter water bladder, Cassette tool.
Side pocket of frame bag: multi-tool, tire lever, small adjustable wrench, half a hack saw blade, 12mm socket for pedals, 5&6mm allen key combo (also acts a socket wrench) assorted nuts and bolts

Front left fork bag: 3/4 length thermarest, vapor barrier, warm hat
Front right fork bag: tarp tent

Porcelain Rocket Seat bag: light weight back pack, light weight dry bag of extra t-shirt, 2 pairs of socks, wool gloves, knee warmers, rain shorts, coffee and random food

Little bag under seat bag: stove
Little bag under little bag under seat bag: tube
Little bag under down tube: tube

 Things strapped to handle bar bag: arm warmers & gloves (when not being worn)

 The clothes on my body: shorts, shirt, cycling shorts, socks, shoes, vest (acts as man purse- pockets usually stuffed with snacks and camera)  hat, sunglasses

 All bags except the PR seat bag were made by me.
 The grey bottle under my down tube is stove gas and stove pump.
 The disposable 1.5 liter bottle on my seat tube- I´m proud to say has been with me all the way from Beacon, NY

  He is more than just a chubby bike to me.  More than just a bunch of parts clamped and bolted together. A manufactured collection of steel, aluminum, plastic and rubber. Stuff human beings found in and on the earth. Fragments from a watery ball spinning in a big bunch of space. Where was I going with this? 

 Gordie: ...the main guy of the story is a fat kid that nobody likes named Davie Hogan.
Vern: Like Charlie Hogan's brother. If he had one.
Chris: Good Vern. Go on, Gordie.
Gordie: Well this kid is our age but he's fat. Real fat. He weighs close to one-eighty. But you know, it's not his fault. It's his glands.
Vern: Oh yeah, my cousin's like that, sincerely. She weighs over three hundred pounds! Supposed to be Hyboid Gland or something. Well, I don't know about any Hyboid Glands, but what a blimp! No shit. She looks like a Thanksgiving turkey. And you know this one time...
Chris: Shut up, Vern.
Vern: Yeah, yeah, right. Go on, Gordie, it's a swell story.

 Davie demystified:
22" Surly necromancer frame
100mm Pugsley fork (reinforced)
180mm Surly O.D. cranks & stock BB
36h Surly Large Marge rims (DH rear, XC front)
White Industries MI6 rear hub
Shimano dyno front hub (originally built with used Schmidt Son- bearings failed after 5 years)
DT spokes in the rear- Phil Wood spokes in the front
26 x 4" Origin8 Devist8er tires (made by Vee Rubber)
Wellgo platform pedals (got in Peru as a cheap replacement for my Control Tech pedals)
Shimano XT E-type front derailleur
Shimano Saint rear derailleur 
Sram PC870 chain
Shimano HG50 8speed cassette
Shimano 8 speed XT shifters
Shimano XTR brake levers
Avid BB7 disk brakes (Avid 185 front & rear rotors)
On One- Mary Handlebar
Race Face Duce 110mm stem
Phorm ergo grips w/ bar ends
Cane Creek 110 headset
Truvativ Hussefelt seat post
Spiderflex noseless saddle
Salsa skewers
Profile designs bottle cages on the fork
Topeak 1.5 lite cage on seat tube
Titanium King Cage under down tube

Carl Spackler: He's on his final hole. He's about 455 yards away, he's gonna hit about a 2 iron I think.

  A huge and massive thanx to Kyle and the Peoples bicycle for all the help and support


Yep,  Its been a bit over a year. Davie and I have been chugging along. Our first year in the new era of the world ride. Sometimes it seems like 6 life times of a cheap vinyl sofa (how ever long that is?)  and other times, like the duration of a sneeze. Up, down and sideways... Its been a good ride!
Semi interesting

and kinda cool
Here is a run of random pics from the last year. Somewhat in order somewhat not...
Hubert dumped me off in Maine, January before last. Booted me out of the car. Said "Get lost bozo". With nothing better to do I started riding South.

That snow is deeper than it looks. Took some time to stomp down the tent spot.
Foxtails in the socks of the brain:

A real fat bike world

Melted cheese in the colander of memories:

From Maine I rode back down to New York. Stringing together snowmobile routes and forestry roads. Stopping off of coarse to shoot bows and arrows and drink coffee with the amazing Toni B.

Stones sinking in the hollandaise of recollection:

I stayed in Beacon, New York for a few weeks tying up loose ends and making sure I remember what dark beer tastes like. A lot of great folks in such a small town. It was not easy to leave.

But soon enough, there was the ride out with Mark and Clemson...

Davie in the big city
I did a city sweep on the way down. New York and Philly. Trenton was a big wrong turn

The amazing crew at the Chicken Hut, Sarah T, and a coffee with Robert Olson.
A chilly NY morning

Philly times: Good ol´Dan Action and Nathalie. The Curts and the crew at Via. The final send off by Jon and Sarah...

A hole puncher in the hands of a compulsive:

Crunching our way down the east side. The potential for a long distance off road routes is soon to hit the scene like a single color Rubix Cube.
If there is one place I wanna go back and ride again? (Among the 100dreds of others)  Virginia. A beautiful state infested with forestry and riddled with National Parks

The amount of ridge line singletrack was amazing

Good times in Asheville with Matt, Carridelle and Brad. Ya`ll are good ones!

That was good Bikepackin

Pedal strokes in the legs of the addicted:

Georgia also needs a redo. 

Okefenokee swamp land

Looking outside the outside:

The pleasure was all mine with this birthday ride with the Velo Vixens

 Gainsville! Staying with these fantastic dudes. Seeing Dru after a an eon or two and learning to slackline with Lauren.

They say you can't but there is no one out there to say you can't. The FT.  One of my favorite trail quotes came from my buddy Ben. We we're once on some singletrack and a hiker marches up to us out of nowhere and says "There are no bikes on this trail" Ben looks around and says "That's funny, I see two". I believe in respect and sharing when it comes to trails... but not always obedience.

This was a fun and flowy section. More than it appears.

A voice for a silent yearning:

Lynne and Paul. Some of the most amazing people to spin pedals and spend some time with.

guhh... Friends are awesome

  Herve and his boat.. I look back at this as a learning expierence and a silly life adventure. Also an incredible waste of time and money... C'est la vie.

                                                              Chris and I in the Bahamas

Peace of mind in the movement:


A perpetual flux:


A space in time to belong:

Simple happiness:

Chris and I met in the boat yard in Florida. He went from one screwball's boat to the next; then rode a bike in Colombia with another. A good dude and a good friend.

A bicycle ride.

Speaking of good people. Carlos- The cycling ambassador of Colombia 

Tommy and Fredrico


My Coffee dealer

Beautiful silencio

First South American tire change

For all you old school metal loving mechanics. Don't ask me why this one ended up in here.

Two tracks in the dirt. It was a real pleasure to ride with Cass. A world renown cycling photo journalist and good friend

Our ride through Peru was some of the best touring I have ever experienced.





All * photos by Cass

The side trip that inspired Davie's new set up

The big MP

The great Ausengate

She was chasing this puppy. Caught it's leash and dropped it again, staring at the first gringo she had ever seen

Still one of my favorite "indoor" nights

The visit by Rebecca. I hope only the first visit by friends?

Davie's new doo

Karen on the Choro

Incan road

Mario and his Phoenix SS 28er

That was a long day

 Just a few images from a fantastic year of bicycle riding.  One down and many more to go!  Man, I love this lifestyle!  Its not a trip I'm on so much as a way of life. If there is one thing I know deep in my heart... I love it out here, riding a bike around on the earth... Bikeplaneting.