Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Colorado mooring

A nice thing about not having any specific plans or time frames is the easy transition to good opportunities when they arise.
Well...To tell you the truth I have stammered in posting this post because its really an admittance to myself as well as ya'll that; I'm gonna be staying put for a bit. (Man, that hurts to see in print)
Mainly for these two reasons: 1)I want to add some more travel cabbage to my savings before plunging into Latin America. 2)I'm waiting for The Kelly Donlan to finish the contract on her job so we can pedal together.
So I knew this pause was coming but I didn't know where. Until... The fantastic, world class mountain biking town of Durango lassoed me in.
When I pulled into town I immediately found my favorite coffee shop and then went exploring. Ending up later at a little bike shop called Papa Wheelies. I met Jeff the owner and he offered me a couch to crash on at his house. By morning it was agreed that I would hang out and help at the shop for a few days. As those few days passed I really fell in love with Durango and it's surrounding hills. When the day came that I said I was gonna leave Jeff and I instead shook on a deal that I would become his full time manager until May. He also gave me the garage at his house to live in for free! Its even closer to a bedroom than any of the other garages I've lived in.
Samu the savage mule is now patiently sitting in a corner waiting for spring. I've got my full suspension mountain bike out here now and have been laparoscoping the nervous system of trails and back roads. The trails here are so well developed, technical and addicting. The scenery is also just stupid. I finish off a ride and realize the thing that is most sore is my face from smiling.
So this Blog of mine is gonna be a bit slow for a while. Though I will be posting some of the happs around Durnago and pics of my favorite trails.
Every day as the unscratchable itch to get back on the road has me butt scooting, I remind myself that this stop off will keep me in coffee and tacos for the next bunch of years.


  1. Glad to hear you are well. See, staying put for awhile and planning ahead in order to better enjoy the things you like doesn't always mean you're selling out! fucker. I miss you and all the old crew. I hope you manage to find a way to swing through town and visit during your adventures.

    -Mohawk Tim

  2. p.s. my email is should you feel the need to get in touch. Not posting my cell number here, but if you email I will send it along too.


  3. kurt, still following the blog! i have long wanted to spend some time in durango, and your musings have just sealed the deal. glad you're taking the time to enjoy things along the way. i am in eugene, oregon for the next stint of money-saving, but am struggling to find a job. keep on rockin' and rollin' - i look forward to hearing more stories. :-)

    - gracie (the GDMBR unicyclist)

  4. Kurt,
    We met in Missoula by the river... as promised so long ago, in the event you end up biking in western Thailand near the border with Burma/Myanmar, here's the site for the orphanage I mentioned:
    Dada is great.
    Jeff Medley

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