Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gainsville, a hidden gem for mountain biking. The trails are nicely layered like a worm infestation while shooting out in all directions like a klepto octopi.

My first bike trip of a decent length was 10 years ago from California to Florida. Nevada City to Gainsville actually. Now having rode down to Gainsville from Maine its like the golden spoke of sorts. Two points meeting in my spiderweb of tire tracks. This makes the 6th time I've ridden across the U.S. from one point or another. It felt welcoming, strange and sentimental to be back.

This trashed out and neglected spot is where I used to live 13 years ago. (yep, in the shed)

A metal roof I installed in 99, before I made a living fiddling with bicycles.  

A bunch of Great dudes (and Isis). Thanx for the everything. 

My honorary ride with the Velo Vixens

We made more than a few stops by Volta for these.

I spent a week in the G-ville.  Truly great to see Dru again (the only old friend I found from back in the time) and traipse through the old spots. It still had the smell and feel of what made me stay those years ago. Good town, super folks. Its also saturated in bike shops and there is a lot of buzz in the air of making and building the cycling infrastructure. You can find yourself made of velcro in that fuzzy place. 

The only blurry shot I got of a fantastic night ride
This is what I call a "Go Bag".

  A huge and fat Thanx to David! It was a fantastic pleasure to hold down the Ranch!  And to both  Lauren and Dustin, your tour/ trail guiding and dirtbag adoption is unparalleled. 


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