Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sometimes your boat comes in! And sometimes... a boat comes in.

So I answered an ad for "sailboat crew wanted". Florida to Panama leaving ASAP. After almost a month of phone and email mini-golf, finally I set my eyes on the boat. My heart dropped even with my gallbladder. What an absolute wreck. A 1970 30ft Iroquois Catamaran. The last maintenance of any sort must have been back in the 80's. The only positive thing I could muster was that it was floating.
   I'm not one to turn tail on a challenge. I claimed I was gonna work my way around the world. Very well knowing at times, I would be eating those words. For all the flowing descents there are gloppy bogs.

  I parked the bike and jumped in.  I've thrown everything I got at this tub and slowly but surely we have made it a boat again. As much as its been long, hot days of hard work. Its been a great learning experience. I've learned a barges worth about fiberglass, seacocks, skegs and rigging in these last few weeks. I could write a small novel on the life and times of a South Florida shipyard. A full time full gauntlet. This is the little boat that could.
  We should be setting sail at the end of the week.  I'll get some pics up of the boats before and after make over       


  1. I will say, you're no stranger to hard work or a challenge. I couldn't see you doing it any other way. bonne route!
    joel and the Via Bicycle crew