Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ausengate. A.K.A post Cusco awesomness!

Google images can do a better job of depicting Cusco. So I give you this; my favorite view during my time there

Rainy season touring. Stash yourself and listen to it dump bats and frogs.

Waiting out a passing shower. With a hot cup of coffee in a Virgin Mary shrine

The approach to the great Aus

Guardians at the gate

It was easier to ride straight across the paramo than on the muddy road. Thanx mud.

The head of this valley holds the trail to the pass.

I love me some bridges


Pass #1 4750m


fuzz balls

Through out the night this glacier would crack and pop loudly. Small avalanches would rumble down echoing through the valley

 Trekking gear and sturdy footwear was recommended for this route. I brought worn out shoes and a fatbike.
elevator going up

Pass#2 4930m



   A few route notes:  Tinke is the start of the good stuff .It was 117 Km of mostly pavement to get there from Cusco. Upis was 6.6 Km up a steep dirt road. Ausengate is the Mt. on the right. You wanna head for its right side. A long valley will lead you close to its base at 4480 M and 133 km from Cusco. They are just now working on a developed path there. It went for about 100m and then the trail became very vague. Just keep heading for the glacier ahead of you. The pass is around to the right flank. You will drop down to two lakes. Go toward the one on the left and around its right side, A steep ridge will run along your right side. It doesn't seem like a pass but it is (directly south of the glacier on the back side of Aus) The are a million alpaca trails so just pick one and head up over the southern ridge. I went to far and had to go back. As another reference its at hard right and up at the head of the last lake (the one the Glacier dumps into). You climb steeply to 4930M and then drop down into the valley below you, again no real trail. The few buildings that appear further down is the booming metropolis of Ausengate. Stay around to its left side. This will bring you to the road. Left to Chilca and right for a 30km decent to Pitumarca. 


  1. Good to see the nice pics of pass-storming again. Must have been a relief when the multi track appeared!

  2. Kurt, Amazing, as always!

  3. where ya headin'?


  4. and...

    did you build that little stone wall wind break?

  5. Thanx Mike. I love me some pass storming! Though actually just the opposite. I wish the single track went on a lot, lot longer.

  6. Thanx Nick. Looks pretty sweet over there in Gypsy land too

  7. HUUUUBERT! Hey man , Great to her from you. Wish I was headin down to meet you Patagonia, but I understand, farming life calls. Actually at this time I was heading down to Checacupe. In the grander scale- Im headin to Lapaz Bolivia to meet a friend. Yep, Im no Inca decendent but I can stack a few rocks. Kept the wind off the tootsies.

  8. Just lusting over these shots again. They're killing me. Thanks for including the route notes too. Good old cut n' paste.

  9. Yea, it was face smacking and drool inducing awesome. We`ll trade notes at our golden spike (spoke) meeting. Coffee cheers and safe dirt travels till then.