Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I pat myself down in the morning and think; " I didn't get mauled by a grizzly in my sleep, thats good"

I skirted the Flathead lake to the east and pedaled north through Kalispel and Eureka and sure enough ran into the Canadian Border.
The ever Amazing Kelly Marie had sent sent me a package General Delivery with some snacks (which I devoured quickly) and knobby tires for the off road Divide Route (I licked them but decided against eating and just ended up puting them on my bike). I put the tires on 10 ft south of Canada. The Border patrol eyed me suspiciously but I didn't care. I was not going into their stupid country this time.
So in all reality my trip has started! Everything I'v ridden so far, the 3200 some miles was just to get to this trail head and the beginin' of my south bound ride. I'll be heading south for a few yearsish now.
I rode back down to Eureka got some supplies and continued south. I was well into the back country and it was raining pretty hard. I had my hood up and went right past a very important turn off. I went the wrong way for hours and then the dirt road I was on ended, yep just ended. I turned around and after a while I ran into a hunter who gave me the wrong directions. I went the way he said untill I knew I was lost again. It was evening, it had been raining all day and dispite it being incredibly beautiful I just ended up feeling like frustrated grizzly bait. Just before dark I spied a sign that said Weasel Cabin 1 mi... Oh shit dudes, I can not believe my luck. It is a forest service cabin open to the public and free as a man who don't do undies. I got a fire going in the little wood stove, feasted on the food left on the shelves by previous campers and felt like a toasty 10 bucks.
The next sunny morning I got directions from a Ranger and happily headed down the right path until my left pedal snapped off.

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