Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A tourist in a place I just finnished calling Home

It seemed strange to be in Oakland. Seeing friends that I had just said good-bye to with the vigor of leaving for half a decade. Hi! Oh, all that? I was just kidding....Like I said; It felt strange but really I was only “visiting on business”. The business of visiting a very special neighbor and helping her build a touring bicycle.

I was back in the East Bay for nearly a month. It kinda flew by. I had not planned on being there that long but who plans anything anyways?

It was great to see all ya'll if only for a second or two. And If I didn't happen to see you, Please erase from your mind what you just read and I never left Wyoming.

Thanx so much to Ty and The Bent Spoke crew for all you help and letting me get in the way.

Thanx also to Elizabeth at the for you help in aquiring parts.


  1. Amazing post. I’m so impressed, Oakland amazing place. I haven’t seen in this type of tourist place .I love tour. I have been visiting since last 2 years California, Florida some places. I think it was amazing place. Thanks for sharing here. Travelling is not just a vacation. Staying in a hotel with family or friends is a vacation. Its very small take of the real travelling experience. Travelling is in fact backpacking; it is more of interact with new people and cultures. When people travel, relieve has the least main concern in their mind. It is on the whole not easy yourself to push your limits. Turn your phone off, not remember your mac, pack your bag and move, coz it’s one life, it’s now or never. Traveling is not just about going new spaces and posting on Instagram, making FB check-ins or updating your status. It is about the feeling of freedom from mature pleasures, your expert shackles, the dust of everyday jobs which keep you in a meeting like as if that’s the only life you were meant to live, but my friend, that’s not true. Give yourself a break and look at what’s around. Traveling is be fond of a book, read the first page and then move to the then. What I mean is, leave your hometown and skill a new place by visiting there, and then only you will move to the next stage of life. Going to a new page is the maintenance of your journey, it means you are not stopped in life, you are moving and learning. Traveling is not only visiting the places .It feel to happiness. I like your images and sharing your skill. And thanks for sharing here in this article. We all have pressure and tension in our lives. Traveling forces us to for the time being disconnect from our normal routine and it helps us be grateful for the people and things you have around. As per a well-known saying we by no means know what we have until we lose it.