Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Friday, November 29, 2013

#1... Cannonballs

Take 3 quick steps, jump in the air, curl into a ball and plummet off the Andes.

Cass and I went point A to B by going to C,D and E first. Our route to from Ollantaytambo went up and over the 4400m Abra Yanamayu. From where we zipped down, a little more down and then further down to Occobamba and San Lorenzo. A long and winding decent of around 3500 meters that had us trying to remember what it was like to pedal. Soon enough were choking on thick air and sweating in the Amazon.

Leaving Betsy our slanty shack. She and her spiders were gracious host for the night.

Bottom of the world

Slowly being reclaimed
Our route went as far out as Quellouno and we turned back. Climbing towards Echarate, Quillabamba and St. Maria.
Cross contamination of the Yanamayo and Vilcanota

Seduced by and espresso machine in Quillabamba

The Inca - English connection

Not the best place to ride blindfloded and backwards... unless you happen to be wearing a backpack full of silverware

Babies soon to be planted and grow to bear the beloved beans

Two tarp tents in the yard...

Andy and Tatiana of the fantastic Yellow River Hostal

And Maya their adorable daughter. She could switch between Castellano and English without half seconds thought 

Yes!... A Fatbike. Sweet, dude
. From St. Theresa- Plan A was to tip-toe past the guards at Hydroelectrica (bicycles are not allowed on the hiking path) Plan B was to ask nicely. Plan-C was to carry them (we brought rope and everything). We got nowhere with that whole bit of the alphabet. Cass being the (much) better of  the Spanish speakers went back and forth, up, down and around and still got nowhere. We might as well have been trying to smuggle in a life size Machu Picchu replica for as far as we got. I don't think the Taj Mahal would have been as strict for letting us in with bikes. Begrudgingly they finally allowed us to take the train with them.Grrr.  Though we could have pulled a Joe.  (going back and sneaking through at night) Decidedly we didn't want to lose the rest of that day and the next before hiking the big MP. We rode the shame train looking out at folks hiking happily. For others looking to do this with bikes: We found out later than you can ship your bike from the Hydroelectrica to Aguas Calientes on the train and walk in to pick it up. Live and learn  
Welcome to the jungle

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