Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Don't count your poodles

Don't count your poodles before they hatch- Ya might end up with jackals... My thoughts on the weather of the high Peruvian Andes this time of year. Those white puffy clouds could turn sinister at anytime. It has constantly kept us guessing, getting up at the butt-crack of dawn and dashing about for some kind of shelter in the afternoons. Though despite the cold soakings and soggy gear, there is nowhere else I would rather be riding. So many times I stop to just soak it all in (not a reference to the rain). The quiet vastness and the toe curling pulchritude. Unplanned brake lever grabs are usually to just gape and stammer in reverence of my surroundings. Like I wanna take my skin off like an old suite and wrap my silly smile around  the back of my ears. All naturally generated by two wheels, a bit of effort and an absolute enjoyment of exploring this planet. Simple, long and enraptured days filled with moments and scenes that leave us in a humbled awe, wondering what could come next?  Its been a seriously beautiful and arduous last few weeks.
Huaraz to Huancavelica- somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 miles with 72,178 feet of climbing (Yep)

One lonely lama I be...

No need to shout...

How things get where they get? Sometimes we will never know

Unintended over the handlebar dismounts: Cass- 0  Kurt- 2


Manjar Blanco is a valuable commodity. The package needs to be cut open and scraped of every last bit.

Dirt roads seem to flow through Cass 

Wistful Cairns

And puddle splashing

Whileoutriding on Assignment. (brake pads have a short life around this cycling photographer).

Yea, that's 3 pairs of gloves drying in the sun. The new road side scores on the right are know as "the wookie mitts" 

Its a brutal life.

Where the road ends.



awesomerness begins.

Colonial bridge in Vilca

The region of Huancaya, Peru

One of our most amazing and ferocious climbs...

a new personal high

Cass, riding high and not just in elevation. 

Crouching Lion

Huancavelica. Our first large town in some time. Trying to pace myself... Its not really working.
  Thanx once again to the Pikes for spending the time and cobbling together this fierce and wonderful route 


  1. Make sure you pack plenty of alfajores for your next stint. Glad you are enjoying the route. It is certainly some of the best cycling we have ever done and we are still grinning with excitement!

  2. I'll be packing lots of thier buget cousins: Pancitas & Manjar. Loving the route! You really worked some Google Earth Magic stringing it together. The singletrack above Vilca was just pure sillyness. I was beside myself... and he wouldn't shut up about it. The whole run really. Thanx again