Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Monday, April 28, 2014

A little Q and a few A's

Recently I had the pleasure to answer some questions for Bikepackers Magazine

And then I was abruptly interviewed by myself: 

What is it that you consider yourself officially?
I'm a doer of things and a toothy disk rotator.

How do you spend your time?
Entangled in a metal contraption, stooped and running just above the ground.

Where do you prefer to do this? 
On the crusty and undeveloped skin of this big spinning potato.

Where do you reside when you are not on that metal big kids toy or flapping in the wind?
In a nylon fortress

What's your favorite cheese?

What do you do with the long hours of solitude? 
I practice going slightly strange. It's a work in progress

What do you like best about those fat tires?
Buoyancy, suspension and that they keep my pump handling skills honed.

What do normally eat in a day? 
Just about anything I can sculpt a turd out of.

Did you really just say that?  Yes

What kind of music do you listen to mostly? 
A lot of punk and metal. Stuff that rattles my brain, keeps me charging into the unknown ready to do battle with beasts envisioned from gravity and the elements.
Though sometimes I listen to pretty mellow stuff when I'm in a chill mood and need a hug.

What are your goals for the future?
To have a good time, not take things to serious and be a good dude.

Do you have any plans to stop ever?
No. What I'm doing may vary but I won't halt for as long as Ill be breathing.

Thats sounds pretty corny. What do you mean by that?
I'm currently on a lengthy bike trip. What I tend to dream about most? More bike trips. Bike raft trips, aquatic bike trips, cargo bike trips, rail bike trips, pack raft trips, etc etc. I hope this body holds out, I got some plans for it.

What do you get out if all of this?
A life thats enjoyable and an epic way to spend it.

Does the erratic discontent of a million neurological vortices make any sense to you?

Where are you going from here?
Over the horizon and to oil my chain

Have you anything else to say?
Nope, it's time to ride.


  1. Gouda? Seriously?

    "I practice going slightly crazy; It keeps me sane." Gem you are. And a good dude. No doubt about that.

  2. Did you use a Yoda voice when you wrote that?


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