Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Photo Mulligan of some splendid galloping (updated)

We have had one of these before. These photos are a splattering of happs. The happs have been good!

Davie and I have trounced about, passing land beneath us.

 We've swished and glissaded into some spectacular cycling times.

 The wind has howled and rain has sheeted. The collars been turned up and the chamois wrung out.

 Gravel has crunched, tracks have been left. The sun has shone and smiles have prevailed.

We have land falled the end of the western earth. If there is such a thing?

Here are some images that validate the occasion:

Compared to the size of my hand. Thats one beautiful sight after a long day in the saddle. Hell, that would be one beautiful sight if I just woke up. Thats why I got two.

I've been drinking more tea latley. Thanx roadside ditch.

Crunchy and flat.

Morning camp visitor.

Bus stops are a welcome refuge for cyclist all year long down here.

Oh quit being so dramatic

A fixer upper

The boat yard of Puerto Natales

Tas Kafe! Exported from Guatamala and Imported from Beacon, NY. All the coffee you can find in Argentina or Chile has sugar added and is just crap in general. Gettin some real coffee in the post was just amazing. Thanx Arron, I owe ya one, buddy.
 This box changed several hands before it finally got to me. Thank you: Kyle, Arron H, Arron C, Ra, and Piero. 

If Falon was here, we would prolly dare each other to swim out to that rock. I have no doubt he would take that dare.

I've been doing well latley with finding my way into free beds. Its most often to windy to set up the tent. My Thermarest has once again seperated in the center, making a big basketball size buldge at one end. So finding free roofs and comfortable beds has been a fun challenge.

Like this one at Morro Chico

The road to Rio Verde

Beautiful old Estancias are all over in Patagonia.

A ferry I didn't need to catch.

My cozy clam digger shack

Sunrises last a really long time this time of year. No complaints

Same clam digger shack in the day light

 Cass and Myles also crashed here. Skyler and Panthea plowed the route and give it a sniff. Anna, I think also came through on her way to good beach riding times.

I love me a good shack

Why am I drawn to them so much?  Ma, was I born in a shack?

Stupid good!

I would call that fat tire friendly. 

There were some easy gates to pass. The locked ones were a different story. Good thing Davie went on a diet.

I'm to late in the year for Penguins. This is as close as I got.

Shack vision.

Gas is faster than wood

Have you been hopping locked gates? No. That identical red paint has always been there.

I think I know which way the wind normally blows around here

Refugios come in all shapes and tire counts.

A choke that chokes no more.

Punta Arenas in the distance

Early morning ferry across the Str8 of  Magellan.

Penguin cousins

Room for rent. Cheap

The party starts when the blue lights come on

El Porvenir

The Onaisin junction Refugio. 

Another place of South America cyclist lore. The accomadtion at Panadaria Union.

Every Northbound cyclist I passed through out Chile and Argentina told me of this Panaderia. Free place to stay and tasty empanads.

Can I have another cookie?


A sign sighned by Andre in 2012.

Fall Falling.

I hot footed it into Ushuaia on the highway. I plan to ride dirt road and trail back out .

Views from the highway were not so bad...

I was caught scoping a shack on his property. Without much consideration after hearing my explanation, I was invited in for a warm night stay and cookies.

Ushuaia. The city at the bottom of South America.

Know as the end of the world

Some cool old boats in the Beagle Channel

Looking back North to the city. A direction I'll now be looking for quite some time.  

Davie and I have been in Ushuaia a few days. We're now turning around to ride back across Tierra del Fuego. It's a new chapter. Spread out over several years, I've ridden the length of the Americas. Our attention now is getting to South Africa to prepare for the ride to Mongolia. 


  1. Awesome photo's as always. Thanks!

  2. What is it with us encountering all the same cute animals on the road?! I LOVED that little cat in Cerro Castillo...she came and slept with me a while in the tent...James was not amused ;-) Congrats on arriving at the end of the world - enjoy the dirt road out! Un abrazo Sx

    1. I dont know, but they sure warm the heart on cold days. That kitty was the sunglyest ever. A real little attention hog. She chased me for sometime when I left. I'd never had a cat follow me before. Thanx. It feels weird to be here. Excited to pick up some dirt I missed on the way down. Congratulation to you two as well! Safe travels home.

  3. That first picture makes me so happy. As does the cat...s/he looks the same as our stray cat who comes by on a regular basis for some attention and treats.

    1. Glad i could make you happy with a photo Eszter. I would figure as a another serious calorie burner. How can you not give some love to the fury strays?

  4. Congrats on traversing the land mass. I have enjoyed following you ever since we met in Gainesville on your birthday last year. Happy trails to your next continent!

  5. Woohoo! Congrats! I know you will not be resting on your laurels, so suerte for the adventures that lie ahead.
    (I recognise some of those shacks...)

    1. Thanx man. Something or someone... Ate the salty oats.

  6. Well done Kurt, all the bigger achievement considering the routes you've taken to get to Ushuaia. Good luck sorting the next leg.

    1. Thanx Billy. I look forward to congratulating you as well on yer run of the Americas. Hopefully in person somewhere around here.

  7. Nice job Kurt! Glad to see you made it down there and that you're still going strong. Happy Trails!

    1. Thanx Zack. Nice to hear from you! I'm sure you have been up to your own adventures?

  8. Nice going Kurt! great to see your pics mate! really look forward to the next few posts. all the best to you :)

    1. Thanx Scott. Looks like you have been having some good times in India?

  9. I <3 the 7th picture up. beauteous

    1. Pictures don't do it proper justice. But I'm still glad you sideways heart it.

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