Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Shacks, tracks and a bushwhack

I do love nachos but they do not compare to this end of the world route.

Grinning like a goofball. From Alaska to the bottom of South America... with a few detours

Monica and Robi. Some really awesome humans. They have been 10 years on the road and were great to meet and hang out with.

Sorry, these photos are a bit out of order. My guess is that you can deal with that?
Once again I found myself on a route blazed by Cass, Skyler and Panthea. I would have to say that this loop really made Tierra del Fuego for me. It was absolutely fabulous.  

Quiet and a little over grown.

A tad more over grown. Davie and I could not progress single file as easy as the cows.

A tree bridge. I chose not to balance Davie on my head across it.

Instead we crossed here.
I needed extra carrying capacity for my smile
And was glad no one was around to hear my giddy squeals

Ushuaia in the distance.

Like all good routes, you get some hiking with your biking

I'm gonna print out a series of photos like this. When people ask me what the fat tires are for? I'm just gonna grin, shrug  and hand them the stack of photos. Fat bike bliss.

Bikeshacking. I reached this stronghold just before dark. 

Sitting on the stoop- watching the end of a good day happen.

Yea. I should not have eaten all those gun powder nachos 

Another of the cozy little spots along the way.

Splendid two track action

Mylodon hide.

Be prepared to play peek a boo with the tootsies. Unless you are of coarse riding in hip boots.

The end of the day cast a mist and beautiful glow across everything.  The only thing missing was someone else to ping pong the awesomeness with.

Thundering past with a galloping awe

This one would be a real find in a monsoon.  If anyone else is to ride this route after us?  If you leave Ushuaia early (I left about 1pm) it would be pretty easy to push through to this cozier shack on the first day. 

If you did this as an out and back. You would not have to ride the same track twice.

Hey Falon. Run, jump and swim out to that buoy?

You pass this no passing easiest by going under the fence to the left. (coming from Ushuaia)

Debris of yesteryear

Go LEFT... No, your other Left

Stayed with me for a while and was instantly named White fang

Bikeshacking doesn't get much better.

There is a little place just down the road...  With an old tin box in the corner for pieces of your heart.

Prince Williams in the distance. And some cool kids hanging out after school.

This is as close to the historic Harberton Ranch as I got. It was locked up like fort Knox for the winter

Lunch, had it been later it would be camp.

Winter closes the Tierra del Fuego door behind me.

I had this camp ground to myself.

Davie's kind of breakfast

Not a bad place to sip the morning coffee

And then this happened when I found myself back at the Panaderia Union


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  2. Hello mate!! I just met you at Piedrabuena YPF, good luck, have an amazing trip and keep going!!!!!

    1. Yea Max, it was good to meet you as well. Safe travels friend

  3. Somebody's gonna be pissed when they find out what you and your nachos did to their outhouse.

    1. Yea, I had to get out of there quick. It was like a bomb went off.

  4. Hi man! How are you? Already in BA? After we met you in Rio Gallegos, we decided to hitchhike to Mendoza (thanks to you, good decision:)). My brother wrote me that he will come to BA in the middle of July, so we changed our current destination. Hope to see you there later!

    1. Sorry, in the middle of June :) We should be there around 10-12th. Saludos!

    2. Hey alright, Im glad to hear from you two. I was wondering how it went for you after Rio Gallegos. Glad you hitch hiked and had a better expierence than the long bus ride. I made it to Buenos Aries. A bit of Pampa riding and like 6 different trucks. Bummed you are not here but glad you get to see Mendoza as well. We'll keep in touch. I dont know how long its gonna take to float out of here. All the best, It was awesome to bump into you again. Cheers,

  5. hello dude,
    im so happy for to see your pictures in ushuaia, you look so happy. Congrats, and i hope will see you again in somewhere in the world. see you

  6. Spectacular photography. It's posts like these that have me convinced that bikepacking offroad as much as possible is the way to go on my tour. Thanks for this!

  7. Lovely place and lovely photos... thank you so much for sharing.

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