Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mosy squadrons, RVs and big trucks

Richard rode up while I was having tea in lakeview. He had the new Salsa Fargo (a bike designed for racing this route) He was running super light a laying down 100 miles on a bad day. We chatted for the afternoon, crossed into Idaho in a rain storm and then he rode on at his pace. safe travels man.

I set up camp on the edge of Yellowstone at a beautiful spot on Grassy lake. The swarms of mosqitos had chased me into my tent. I was lying back watching Loons divebomb after fish and chipmunks scurry around, When suddenly this big ass truck comes roaring down into my campspot. The dude drives up practically on top of me and yells "You seen any wildlife?" "Were looking for Wildlife" I look up at him and irritatedly just say "No"; too stunned by his retardedness to say anything more. Then he backs up and drivews away. Yep, unfortunatly these kind of people are alive, well and flock to Yellowstone.

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  1. Hey Kurt,

    Nice to see your updates. It's Rich, the Salsa bike man, a.k.a. fargonaut;) Hope you are having some fun out there...

    I'm in Frisco, CO today, trying to make it to Salida tomorrow. Will keep checking back more regularly after I'm done with my Divide ride:) Stay safe out there...