Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Camp and plant duces where you like! No one is around to care!

Thanx to Julian in Grants for hooking me up with a spare computer. It sure makes following a designated off-road route much easier!
I left Grants into a screaming head wind. It was funneling into the Zumi canyon and had me leaning over the bars,walking the flats. Though as the sun was setting it shut right off like a switch (yes, I almost fell off the front of the bike). So I rode on into the dark guessing the camber of the roller coastery chain of craters back country byway. To my surprise in the morning I'd shared a camp spot with a couple dead cows (well more coffee for me then!).
Pie town is truly a fantastic little place in the world. Divide bikers and hikers over lap here and brawl over the delicious pie. Then relax in the shade of the Pie-o-neer cafe with what crust or fruit bit they have been able to win.
I for-went a stay at the infamous toaster house and crept on my way down through the sacred Gila Wilderness. I'm now here in Silver city New Mexico. Its definitely a close runner up to some other really great places I cant think of right now. Its tucked away in the deep south west corner of New Mexico. It takes a bit but once you penetrate the franchise crap and get into old town, its a friendly and relaxed place. A Petaluma of the desert. Great folks at the Gila hike & bike shop and good coffee time action at the Java-lina.
P.s. thanx a bunch to William here in Silver City for providing me with a good and much needed rest in your guest villa! Truly a great spot you've got there!

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