Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Friday, August 2, 2013

Chasing Glaciers while cheered by Volcanic Tufosi

Bike paths are always a pleasure to find. This was on the way from Zipaquira to Cajica. These girls set a blistering pace.

 Empanada Truck House!

I descended for hours from the Cordillera Oriental back down to cross the Rio de Magdalena again. That is the Cordillera Central waiting for me up ahead. Where I would have a fantastic 2 day climb to reach 13,866 ft. (by my GPS)

Roadside bath? Don't mind if I do.

If I had fenders I would want a similar ornament. Go without the rod brakes though.

The plaza in Murillo. Los Nevados peaking up in the back ground. A first glimps of snow in Colombia.

Camping by the ol´glacier velodrome.

I lump sleeping outdoors into 3 categories (1)Campspots (2)Crashspots and (3)Stashspots. We'll talk more of this later but this spot definitely falls into Category 1

off the back of the Glacier peloton.

The thin air and sunshine was also making me giddy. I almost started chewing on the other side of this little guys neck.

I can think of worse places to ride a bicycle.

Unfortunately a large majority of Parque Nacional Natural los Nevados was closed due to volcanic activity. Though I highly enjoyed what I could see.

Lurking in the brush and eating. Typical


  1. looks terrible. how do you manage? love!

  2. Ah, Colombia. Beautiful. I loved Murillo and Los Nevados. Happy pedalling.

  3. Anna, My pictures and photographic eye compare nothing to yours. I met and spent the afternoon with Jullian in Murillo (He speaks highly of you). It was a nice surprize to find I was on your route once again, though going the other way.

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