Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Cycling in support of Limbs For Life
Cycling in support of Limbs For Life

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Splatter fest!

Man... Its really been a sweet run. I don´t even know where to begin. Hence the splatter fest. theme! This posting is all over it self. Like a sesame street activity. I´ll let you match the picture to the blurbs.

In Oaxaca we met Wolf and Javier. Two other cyclists mobing about sothern mexico and Guatamala. Together we rode the fantasticly windy, potholed old road to Perto Escondito. The first cyclists we´ve ridden with in Mexico and I think its mutual that it was a damn good time! Cheers and Prost! Good riding with you guys! Take care!

In Zipolite we ran into our friends from the Huasteca (The ones we snuck into ¨the bridge of god¨with) and had some cold beers and loungy beach time.

Fresh water streams, road side mezcal stands, goarging feast, sweet camp spots, epic moutain climbs and breath vomiting vistas! FOMO fits prevail! Its all there all the time. Just going on. Makes me itch all over and feel faint yet twitchy

Tucked into A corner of Peurto Escondito you can find: Bicitodo/Bike Center. At first it doesent look any different than any other simple bike shop. But get inside and Meet Tello and every thing changes! He is an extremely friendly guy who has had a long career of bicycle mechanics and racing. He also leads tours into the surrounding mtns., speaks perfect english and is up on current and high end parts. If you are touring and need service, dont even go to the other shops and have them shrug at your problem while they wrench a tire off a rim with a claw hammer. Just go see Tello at the bike center!

Oh yea... We found the Ocean

We had been on the coast for about a week and still had not found ourselves the hidden beach cove we had been looking forward to. South of puerto Angel we took a random turn down a dirt road that plummeted us back shore side. Though it felt like it, we wern´t completly alone at this beautiful little paradise. There was a small ritzy hotel on the far side of the cove. Kelly went over to just let them know we would be camped on the other side. They said¨"There is No camping, sorry". Well, all beaches in Mexico are Federal propperty which means public. We stayed two nights telling each other "No camping".

Were off now to see about helping out some baby sea turtles make it into the big salty.


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